In search of the golden fleece,

the Pearl following the souls of lost kings

absence of moonlight, slowly drifting

no wind, each crash only a indication of movement.

Jack, blind, lost in his senses

disguised as rewards

test loyalty through blood sacrifices,

every drop a little closer.


Masked behind daily rituals

unseen, unnoticed by anybody,

afraid to peek out from behind a
cautious guise.

A bad day, a bad experience,

speaking doesn’t soothe, nor does
bottling words

tranquillity only a temporary oasis.

Defending an ally from an ignorant

ignites a inextinguishable flame.

Turn the flame toward yourself to

Over bare skin,

gasping for air, salty.

Rap music only a distraction.

Shamefully hiding, but

happily opening.

Long awaited,

long avoided.

The unstoppable, the suddenly finished.

Lingering feeling that can’t be

sputtering like an engine about to die.


Realize the headache from the rap.

Dec 24, Snowboarding in the rain

December 24th.? Ba’s birthday.? We usually try going to blue mountain
this day every year, but sometimes it gets canceled due to lack of
snow.? This is the first time it rained though.? Boarding on the slopes
in rain really isn’t as bad as it seems though.? You just need to wear
something waterproof.? The Ecko jacket I wore today wasn’t, so when I
took off my jacket at the end of the day my sweater was soaked.? Also
everything in my pockets (inside pockets) were damp as well.? My phone
takes tons and tons of punishment.? It might be time to get a new one.

?Remember when snowboarding:? overbalance, turn small, and “HOY, SAUUUUUU”

I’m watching speed racer… is it just me or is there major sexual tension between Takeo and his sister?

Dec 23, Shopping everywhere else

I only did one thing today.? I went out and bought a coat.? I bought it
from Bedo, on reccomendation from Tori.? It turns out im an XS, but
settled for an S.? The attendant said it was a little too big in the
shoulders… yeah.? But I got it 60% off, so whatever. ]]>

I only did one thing today.  I went out and bought a coat.  I bought it from Bedo, on reccomendation from Tori.  It turns out im an XS, but settled for an S.  The attendant said it was a little too big in the shoulders… yeah.  But I got it 60% off, so whatever.

Dec 22, Winter shopping in all the wrong places

Woke up today at 2pm.  It kinda threw me off, but nothing major.  Today was the day that I would finally renew my OHIP card.  It’s been expired for almost 6 months now.

I was surprised at the efficiency of the OHIP renewal office.  The signs that call your number don’t only call your number… they even have arrows to point the direction of the desk.  Nice design.

Hit the gym today.  I want to get my stamina back up so I was trying the sprint a lap, walk a lap thing.  You are supposed to do it 6 times, but I coudn’t finish them all.  I tried the stairmaster as well for the first time.  Did intensity training on it for 20 minutes, and didn’t even break a sweat.  Running is so much more effective…

Went to Eatons to meet up with Anth and Fer after to do some shopping.  Shopping pre-Christmas is pretty much the same thing as shopping on boxing day.  Stupid long lineup, busy ass malls, same discounts.  No point in boxing day specials except for door crashers.  I should really do my Christmas shopping like… 2 weeks in advance so I can actually get the right size.  I checked the Bay, FCUK, bunch of other stores and I couldn’t find a duffel coat in my size…

Ate hosu after Eatons.  Then went back to Anths to eat gummy bears and play Atlantica.  Atlantica online is pretty innovative.  I was waiting for a MMO that was was party based instead of hero based.  You can control 9 mercs at once, nice.

I’ve been trying to finish the Sopranos for so long now.  I just need to watch the last season, which I already have… It doesn’t rank high on my priority list though.  I wonder if I’d even finish it…

200 Questions. Last time to slack off before school starts to kick in

200.My middle name is: Henry
199. I was born on: Aug 19/1987
198. I am really: AWESOME.
197. My cell phone company is: Rogers
196. My eye color is: sexy.? dark.? brown.
195. My shoe size is:? Is this a trick question?
194. My ring size is: Big enough to give you the finger
193. My height is: 163cm + 10cm of hair
192. I am allergic to: women
191. I was born in: North York
190. I live in: T. DOT!
189. The last book I read: Gossip Girl.? I’m reading the game right now
188. My bed is: Circular.? The type that rotates.? Surrounded by mirrors.
187: One thing you hate about yourself: I think too much.
179. My favorite Holiday is:? Kwanzaa.
178. The perfect kiss is: Built up, anticipated, desired.
177. The last three cd’s I bought are: Who buys music… Last 3 albums:? Show Luo – Trendy Man, wang lee hom – heart.beat, ayumi hamasaki – days/green
176. Last song that made me cry was: …? Heres to Adam… Heres to Adam he’s a horse’s ass…
175. Are you single or taken?: single
174. If your taken, by who?: STOP MAKING FUN OF ME
173. Do you like being single/taken?? honestly speaking, being single is more fun
170. What did you do last night?: went to 7 lounge
142. Love at first sight? Of course.? Girls fall in love with me at first sight all the time.? Then they come up to me and confess and I shoot them down.? The price to pay for being beautfiul…
141. Luck? There is no luck; only fate.
140. Fate? There is no fate; only luck.
139. Yourself? Do I have a choice?
138. Aliens?? We aren’t alone.
137. Heaven? Heaven doesn’t exist.? But apparently the 11th dimension exists according to particle physicsts
136. Hell? I believe in hell, it’s called University of Toronto engineering exam season
135. Ghosts? I want to try and eat one…
134. Horoscopes? Only the ones that I read in the Tokie.
133. Soulmates? I belive in true oppisites.? Someone who is your exact compliment.


129. Hugs or Kisses?:? kisses.? Dudes can hug, but dudes can’t kiss.
128. Drunk or High:? BOTH AT THE SAME TIME
127. Phone or Online: Phone.? Especially when drunk.
126. Red heads or Black hair:? Black hair that has been dyed red.
125. Blondes or Brunettes: brunettes that act blonde.
124. Hot or cold: Hot and dry.? Hot and wet is disgusting.? I rather have cold and wet.
123. Summer or winter: Hmm.? Summer you can go out more, but I tend to sunburn.? The only thing I don’t like about winter is snow.? Winter wins.
121. Chocolate or vanilla:? Vanilla rain doesn’t exactly have a nice ring to it.? Chocolate it is.
120. Night or Day: I like the day more, but I’m rarely awake to expereience it.
119. Oranges or Apples: oranges >> apples.? orange peels >> apple peels.? I eat that shit like candy.? It basically is candy though…
118. Curly or Straight hair:? are we talking about the carpet, or the drapes?


116. Abortion: DO IT… you know… if you like… want to…
115. Backstabbers: can never get me.? I’m a 3rd level rogue and cannot be caught flat footed.
114. Parents: You should probably listen to them, because they are usually right.? Why would they backstab you?
103. Went out of town: Niagra falls during the winter break?? Or Blue mountain last week?
102. Had food: 2.5 hours ago.? Had soba noodles made at home for the first time.? Yummy.
101. Seen someone I haven’t seen in a while: All those people I met up with at the club yesterday.
100. Cried infront of someone: I don’t cry.? I shapeshift into a werewolf and summon my pack.? We then proceed to raid villages and disrupt trading routes.
99. Grew: UGH.? Like 10 years ago.

90. Who is the ditsiest person you know: Double B would make that list.? Even if I did only meet you last night lol.
89. Who makes you laugh the most: Honestly, I crack myself up the most.
87.The last movie I watched: The Mummy 3.? The one with Jet Li in it.? Pretty standard action movie.
82. What I don’t understand is: why I can’t just settle for less.
80. The most unsatisfactory answer I’ve ever received is: “um… hahahhahahah i dono”.? Dumb bitch. lol.
75. Something I will really miss when I leave home is: Everything I will miss, I’ll probably just take with me.
74. The thing that I’m looking forward to the most: summer.
74. The thing that I’m not looking forward to is: finishing this questionnaire. Then I have to start studying.
73. Tomorrow: MSE290.? Gym.? Lunch.? MSE217.? MSE245x2, MSE235, meet prof, godiva week events.
72. Today: Woke up at 2:30pm.? Guitar lesson.? Went to bank.? Now.
71. Next Summer:? I’ll make some money hopefully.
70. Next Week: SCHOOL
67. People call me: Adam?
66. Do you have any regrets? I have no regrets.? Just a bunch of bad decisions.
65. What are you afraid of?? Raising a daughter that will grow up to be a stripper.
64. Who do you miss? You.? I miss you, reader.
63. Are you happy? Could be better, could be worse.? If your life is shit, then fix it.
62. The person who knows the most about me is:? I don’t know.? I should host a gameshow, and ask people questions about myself.? That way there is a fair way of figuring out who knows the best about me.
60. The most difficult thing to do is: wake up in the morning.
59. I have gotten a speeding ticket: Nope.? Just a ticket for doing speed.? LOLJK
56. My zodiac sign is: LEO
55. The first person i talked to today was: my mom?? It probably went something like:? “GAARRGGGAHHGHGHHAA. NO LUNCH”
54. First time you had a crush: On this girl named Sarah.? She was a white girl with red hair.? I thought we were going to get married.? I was 4.
53. The one person who can’t hide things from me: I can see through most people, but I pretend to be oblivious.
52. Last time someone said something that you were thinking?:? I don’t think.? I calculate.

51. Right now I am talking to: Nobody.? I’m hermiting right now.
50. What is your dream job?: Director of Research and Development in some huge electronics/biotech company.? Lead actor on broadway.? Travelling guitarist.? Those dudes that do press conferences and promote new cool gadgets.
49. First job?: “We all work at mighty mighy licks, mighty might licks, mighty mighty licks…”
48. I have/will get a job at: A company that designs computer parts.
47. I have these pets: They are called crabs.? They live in my pants.? loljk
46. I hope: To never be complete.
45. The worst sound in the world: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXxvsShaAoA
44. The last person that made you cry:? Why do they always ask about crying in these stupid surveys…? Are these surveys only make for emotionally unstable people?
39. My boy/girlfriend is: probaly wondering when they are finally going to find me
***What happened to 43-40 and 38-34?***
33. My favorite piece of clothing is: my new dress jacket =)
32. My favorite sport is: badminton.? Although I seriously don’t know if I’ll ever play again…
30. My friends are:? awesome because they know me.
29. My computer is: turned on.? just like you after reading this.
28. The school I go to is: University of Toronto.? Although sometimes I think engineering should be it’s own university.
27. Last person I got mad at: myself
22. The all-time best movie is:scarface. You can NEVER EVER get sick of it.
21. The all-time best thing in the world is: the close.? The second best thing is the approach.
18. The most annoying person you know is: I am probably going to rank somewhere up there as the most annoying person I know.
17. I lose all respect for people who:? can’t do anything for themselves
16. The movies I have cried at are: braveheart.? I was 7.
15. Closest friend name: You guys know who you are.
13. Favorite web site: www.outie.net

12. I want to be: influential

11. The worst pain I was ever in was? that one time when I had a fever of 41degreese and I couldn’t drink any water because I’d shit it out immediately.?

10. My favorite word is: social deviant

9. My room is: clean by my standards.? messy by everyone else’s.

8. My favorite celebrity: stephen chow

5. My weakness is: a nice smile and a sense of humour

4. What I like about the opposite sex: … that they aren’t guys

3. Who broke your heart: She broke my heart.? But my heart grew back.

2. One thing that makes you feel great is: meeting people

1. You filled out 200 questions because: I don’t want to start work.

Dec 20, the Secret Santa Potluck

So for the day of the par-tay…

The day started with a gym run.? Actually it started with me rushing to the UofT bookstore to get Krissy her giftcard. Isn’t it awesome to get something that you want?? I headed over and met Edward, who I
haven’t gymmed with in awhile.? Tried this insane 5 execise circuit
program that goes bench-squat-pullups-reverse crunch-crunch.? I
actually FORGOT that you could bench with freeweights…? I’ll add that
to my list of random gym exercises.

The orginal plan for today was to be out of the gym latest 1:30.? First thing, we started at 1:30, so I ended up getting out at about 2:45.? Since the party was supposed to start at 5pm, it gave me very VERY little time to prepare.

I rushed over to the college streetcar stop and just missed a car.? At the time I thought nothing of it, but I ended up waiting 45 minutes, then giving up and walking to the subway station.? Winter weather does wonders to hinder the public transit.? I think I’ll take subway for the rest of the break…

I ended up waiting in Riverdale library to get picked up so we could go food-shopping.? I didn’t realized that I actually had something on hold there.? I placed a hold a few days for the novel version of Gossip Girl (I know, I know… I’m such a girl), and I took out a copy of The Rape of Nanking from the history section. I also paid off my library debt.? It’s a whole 30 cents/day late.? Holy crap… it used to be 5 cents I think.

Bought stuff to eat.? Yeah.? I’ll get to that later.

Got home around 6:15.? It was a good thing that tardiness runs in my group of people, otherwise I would have been 1h15m late for my own party.? Nobody showed up for another 30 minutes, thank god.

So this is what people brought (In order of impact.? Meaning off the top of my head):

  1. Veggie Platter + Fruit – Me!
  2. Chocolate Fountain + booze – Ricky
  3. Cha Shao and Sweet/Sour Pork + booze – Anthony
  4. Chips/Forks – Bill
  5. Cheesecakes + booze + pie?- Horacio
  6. Squid/Fishball/Beefball/Shrimp/Smoked Salmon on cucumber platter – Fiona.? We definatley have to get more girls that know how to cook (like this) to come next time lol.
  7. Dumplings – Alicia
  8. Ordered Pizza + booze – Eric
  9. Meat lasanga without meat – Kevin
  10. Garlic Bread + booze + pie? – Luke
  11. Drinks – John
  12. Cake – Krissy
  13. Wings – George

I hope I’m not forgetting anything…? Next time I do this, I should really make people who need to cook things come EARLIER.? The food was staggered all over the place.? A good time to come would have been 8:30, when pretty much all the food was there.

A bunch of other people ended up stopping by.? They didn’t bring food.? THANK GOD THEY DIDNT BRING FOOD.? It was already enough.

Giving out gifts in Secret Santa can be fun.? I think I should have lay down the rules a little bit more clear.? I really liked the way they did it in MSE, so I wanted to do it the same way.? Basically you aren’t EVER supposed to know who the giver is.? When it comes time to give out gifts, an annoucer gives the gift out.? I would have dressed up in a Santa suit too, but I: don’t have one, don’t have that kinda of weight, and am not old and white.? I think I’d make a better elf.

I tried making a big bottle of whiskey sour like I did last time.? I can’t actually… taste whiskey because I’ve drank it so much so I don’t really know what people like.? I guess I have my Niagra falls car-drink though =P.

Ricky made Sex on the Beach which people liked.? Jeff turned more red than I did.? Faster too.? He can now be the designated drunk.

Overall it was a fun, albiet a tame night.? I’d prefer if I didn’t have to carry people around, and/or wash vomit off my (toilet seat/kitchen floor/bed/shoes/pants/face).

After everybody left, Ricky, Stacy and I continued to clean up and rewarded ourselfs with Irish Carbombs.? 6 Carbombs each.? Afterparties are awesome.? I apparently went on facebook after they left and wrote stuff on peoples walls.? I also apparently texted some friends at 5am on my cellphone.? I don’t really remember doing those things… I DO remember putting on Sweedney Todd before lying in bed, with the intention of watching it until I fell asleep.? What actually happened is I didn’t even make it past the opening credits.

Winter Blog

I’m writing this for the winter break just so I can keep track of where all my time went.
Today was the first day in awhile that I woke up and thought to myself “What should I do today?”.? There is no longer any material to catch up to, no test lingering over my head, no last minute cramming.? I got up and … didn’t need to do anything.? I didn’t even need to get up.? It’s such a quick mentality change in such a short period of time.? Yesterday was the last exam, today is the start of the winter break.

I lied.? I did know what I had to do today.? I needed to buy a gift for the secret santa tomorrow, and I wanted to prepare to go out tonight with some university friends.? Unfortunately when I woke up today, I looked out the window and witnessed the snowstorm that would ruin those plans.? Nonetheless, I set out for my outing that I hope will become the structure that will keep me sane during this taskless winter break.

The streetcar today was predictably slow.? I got some good reading done, I’ll probably finish MICROSERFS in a few more of those sessions.

I usually call people when I’m on the streetcar.? It helps me pass the time, stay awake and socialize.? I realized this term that talking on the phone is definately one of the better ways to maintain relationships.? Strangely I have become a little bored of it, and reading has a higher priority.? I’m continuing to read Microserfs, but I don’t have another book lined up.? Maybe I could try reading the lord of the rings set again.? It’s hard to picture in a book after you have seen the movie though.

I wanted to get John a undead warlock WOW action figure for a secret santa gift, but they were out!? I had to settle for a troll shaman, which looks pretty badass.

Hit the gym.? Yeahhhh.? Gymming is fun.

Got a haircut after that.? I like it this time.? Always remember them to cut the sides short, leave the top the same length, but thin it out a little.? Yeah.? Long bangs with long spikes, the possibilities are endless!

“You are looking well, Margret”

“You are welcome to look, your highness”? < man I love medieval pickup lines.? I'm watching Ever After rigth now, the prince wears a codpiece hahhaha.? But he fights Artemis style!? Longsword and dagger! ?Watched Hancock.? Thought it was okay.? I wish it was longer, there was no backstory! So instead of clubbing it up tonight I decided to get enough manpower to roll a giant snowball.? Unforunately, the 2 ft of snow that came down today was all packing snow.? The end result was five 21 year old men playing in the snow in Jimmie Simpson playground.? Ryan said that I never grew up.? Ended up ordering pizza at my house. Productive day I say.? Didn't sit around playing games.? Excercised, got out of the house, tried to do something creative (and failed), read, and played some music.? This is how life should be.

WTB> Girl who can…

WTB> Girl who can…

-make me laugh (not difficult)

-hold a conversation with some substance

-speak her mind

-spell properly on MSN (even though I can’t)

-read (more than me)

-understand that I have a twisted sense of humor and there is nothing that you can do about it

-try new foods without fussing first (Ethiopian anyone?)

-call me once in awhile, so I don’t feel like I’m always the one calling (Nobody ever calls me…)

-go out without a plan (I like to live dangerously)

-can comfortably go to the corner store without getting all made up first (Who the hell puts on 40 minutes of makeup to go out for 5 minutes)

-can laugh after a Dutch oven

-will scold me after I burp/fart (this happens more often than you would think)

-show me new things (this one is pretty hard…)

-talk while I listen (I get bored of listening to myself)

-listen while I talk (I get bored of listening to you)

-sit and enjoy silence (We get bored of each other)

-look at the world around and marvel and the structures man has created

-contemplate life

-sing (well. Because I can’t)

-dance (grind, in such a way that I won’t get bored at a club)

-disagree with me (too easy)

-think logically (This one is gonna be a toughie)

-can hype me up when I need it, and cool me down the rest of the time

-will listen to my entire PENIS JOKE before rolling her eyes (as opposed to during it)

-knows the following terms/references: jizz, bukkake, firemelon, wall rape

-can go shopping by herself (I don’t have time to look at TnA bags…)

-has good enough fashion sense that I could just give her money and she would go buy me clothes

-understands that games are a way for guys to cool down (Girls just won’t understand)

-exercise (or at least try to. I’m not asking for Olympic athletes)

-know that men have penises (Yes, I like a girl that knows a little anatomy)

-knows what a booty call is and how to make one

-not pull down the mood when things turn out for the worse

-can shut up and watch a movie

-can talk through an entire movie and still get the idea of what happened

-understand grunts (the morning type of man communication)

-understand that sometimes talking isn’t the best form of communication

-understand that I always look to the future

-be okay if I look like a bum sometimes

-nag at me to go to the gym

-know how to wake me up in the morning (this one is REALLY difficult)

-support me when I’m feeling uneasy (emotionally. Although I am limping right now, so a human crutch would be nice)

-can suggest activities to do together (like… new things…)

-can ice skate (or at least try it…)

-can snowboard (or at least try it…)

-understands the rules to badminton (holy frig. You know how hard it is to find ANYBODY that does?)

-can laugh at my family for being as ridiculous as it is.

-pick out nice smelling cologne.

-get a little jealous but not say anything when I talk to other girls. (It’s cute…)

-make my bed.

-make my lunch.

-make suggestions on my hairstyle.

-make suggestions on my lifestyle.

-not crave money. (I’m gonna be rich… so I can’t really say not WANT money…)

-fold millions of paper cranes in an afternoon

-fold a bunch of other origami crap

-teach me how to fold all that origami crap

-enjoy eating

-enjoy my presence.

-enjoy me enjoying their presence

-emit an aura that I can detect without a scouter (>9000)

-post a picture of herself on facebook without photoshopping it first (thats my job!)

-make fun of herself

-make fun of others

-make fun of me (not in front of others)

-be accepting of other cultures

-be accepting of other people

-be accepting of other peoples habits

-think about why those people formed those habits

-think about ways to exploit them because they have those habits

-get me to stop smoking (if I ever start…)

-get me to stop drinking (if I ever want to….)

-enjoys reading this list

-play games, but doesn’t fiend games

-watch weekend long movie marathons

-go to the gym with me and do her own thing, then meet up after

-study without talking

-talk without studying

-go off MSN when studying

-text message at 60WPM

-pick up her phone when I call

-notice a text message when I text

-walk and eat

-walk and talk

-walk and look at things

-enjoys walking

-enjoys walking for a long time

-enjoys walking because I forgot to bring money and have no way of getting home

-enjoy a campfire sing a long

-will forgive me if I buy the wrong present

-understand that I am not the gift giving kind of guy, but I will probably end up spoiling you.

-can ignore annoying UNICEF ads

-not afraid of needles

-not afraid of the dentist

-not afraid of snakes, spider or anything significantly smaller than they are

-not afraid of the boogeyman.

-not afraid of black people

-enjoy sex

-enjoy make up sex

-enjoy “I feel like doing it just because” sex

-enjoy “FUCK, I’m stressed but let’s do it anyway” sex

-enjoy forgiveness sex

-enjoy sex


-knows that going to gym once will not make you bulk up like Arnold

-is willing to eat from Ken Ho’s truck

-can eat hot dogs

-can eat meat

-will eat meat

-will eat MY meat

-showers regularly, but not so much that it would dry out her hair. If she had dry hair she would use conditioner to prevent split ends.

-care for me

-care for others and me

-care for her parents and their son in law

-care for my parents and their son

-care for my parents, parents and their grandson

-care for the father of our children

-care for the grandfather of our grandchildren

-care for me

-care about me

-care about what I do

-care if I’m really happy

-respect the choices that I make

-support the choices that I make

-suggest alternatives to the choices I make

-reject the choices I make

-make me think that the choices that I make were really made by me, and her manipulating me in such a way that I thought it was my idea in the first place

-hold me

-thrill me

-kiss me

-kill me

-suggest music for me to listen to

-keep me updated in pop culture

-remember the names of celebrities that I never remember the names of

-remember the names of bands that I never remember the names of

-remember the names of the children I we will have that I never remember the names of

-enjoy art

-comment intelligently about art

-call bullshit on me when I try to say something in an artsy tone

-enjoy going to museums

-not seriously think that “Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. STDS follow you back.

-not take Ashton Ketcher seriously as an actor

-recite lines from “Pirates of the Caribbean”

-have a sense of direction

-have a sense of humor

-have a sense of adventure

-have spider sense so she can save me from oncoming danger

-keep her word

-call when she is going to be late

-call me when I am going to be late

-know that I’m always probably going to be late and just end up arriving 20 minutes later than I originally said to meet at.

-realize that taking a picture in the mirror is stupid when you have a timer function on your camera

-realize that only webcam-whores turn up the contrast to maximum

-know who Maddox is

-laugh, but be disgusted at electricretard

-be cute. And even cuter when angry.

-punch me when I’m not paying attention

-actually answer the question when I ask… “Do you think you could beat up [insert other girl’s name]?”

-do more than 1 pushup

-enjoy theater

-enjoy musicals

-enjoy all that gay-shit that is totally socially unacceptable to do with another guy

But most importantly,

WTB> A woman that can accept me for who I am. Accept my strengths, and weaknesses. Support me. And just be there.

PM me with offers. Brand new / BNIB preferred.


Can’t control… self!

What did I learn today?

  • I hate this fucking game!
  • Don’t hate the player, hate the game?? YEAH I HATE IT! lol
  • 202 might get hard soon…
  • I can’t actually study properly unless I sleep
  • I can actually watch full episodes of things on my phone with decent entertainment
  • Phone battey can last:? 1.5h of playing video, 20 text messages, 2 files sent over bluetooth and 1.5h of talking.? Not bad.

What happened today that was unexpected?

  • ?I lost in pingpong to that brown kid.? I will get you back brown kid…
  • Bumped into some people from my SOC class on the way home.? Met one random at the bus stop


  • Neg.? Really nothing. I don’t feel accomplished at all today.


  • Lack of achievement?

Future Goals?

  • Become a hermit.? And build myself one of those shells that hermit crabs wear.
  • Calc:? finish 13.9 and all that review crap.
  • I’m really falling behind in class… I can’t concentrate…

Monday after a long weekend sucks.

What did I learn today?

  • Hibbard is teaching our 219 class now
  • Gossip Girl is on at 8PM on channel 20 on Mondays
  • Studying at school is really the only effective method… unless I turn off my computer
  • You can buy eye gel at zellers

What happened today that was unexpected?

  • ?Went to school and the class was canceled… so I ended up sitting for like 2 hours.
  • It rained.? I like rain, but only when I’m not in it.


  • Finished ch4 soc + some of ch5
  • Finished 13.4 calc.? Started 13.5


  • Watching gossip girl between study periods doesn’t really work.? Watch it to cool down.? Even if you have to download it…

Future Goals?

  • Doesn’t look like I’m going to be doing 1 calc chapter/day.? Wednesday is MSE movie night, gotta help with that.? Tomorrow I might be out late, but I’m going to study inorganic.
  • Oh right. Prepare for the 219 lab for the end of this week…
  • Get a plastic sword for costume… face paint some scars?? I want a giant scar across my chest.? I might be wearing less than some girls on halloween.? Might be chilly…
  • Jack Sparow wig?? Giant hoop earings?? Buccaneer shoes?

Just felt like writing today…

What did I learn today?

  • Not much.? Figured out some new routes which will probably keep me from getting lost for another while…

What happened today that was unexpected?

  • ?Same old…


  • I’m a fieldmarshal!
  • Did well in Thermo and SOC


  • I really only got about 2 hours of homework done this entire weekend… boo
  • WTF.? The retard SOC professor didn’t upload new slides.? He didn’t even upload last weeks slides. Arts.? HA.

Future Goals?

  • Get a costume.? I think I’m actually going to go as a black guy.? I hope the face paint doesnt rub off too easily
  • Probably gonna need a pair of 34-34 jeans or something… I’ll wear my nike basketball shoes and get a giant white tee.? Gotta find some mad ghetto bling and a afro wig too.
  • SOC tomorrow, hopefully going to do 1 section in calc/day.? Sounds resonable…

Lunch = study, break = study, after class = study

What did I learn today?

  • You can get a lot of studying done if you don’t waste time

What happened today that was unexpected?

  • ?I didn’t think I could actually do it, but I finished all of calc
  • Bumped into Julia at Gerstien?
  • Didn’t know there were new 219 and 244 notes


  • Studied!
  • Reitiated contact


  • I should learn how to fold new things

Future Goals?

  • Study like I did today at least 2x a week… I can probably do double to triple the amount of work in 1 day and get another weekend off…
  • Join snowboarding club?
  • Hmmm scheduling will probably go like this…
  • Thursday after exam go directly to do the lab.? Maybe even get some SOC reading in.
  • Friday after class, FCUK sale.? Badminton after?? More SOC reading in.
  • Saturday morning badminton.? MUST STUDY BEFORE DINNER.? Finish 244 lab.
  • Sunday.? Wake up early, study. I think canceling Dr.Chow’s appointment might be a good idea…Study SOC and 244
  • Monday.? Wake up early.? Study SOC/244 + Thermo.? Arg… no time to study calc or 219..

Lasanga and Sunday

  • Chili peppers taste good in tomato sauce, so does dill
  • Use crushed tomatoes in sauce if you want a thicker sauce
  • Food processor >>>>>>>> cheese grater
  • Assholes don’t like to clean plates
  • Always plan for a nap on Saturady after lunch… I’m gonna have it either way.
  • Bait: Mention that you are unsure if you want to continue classes
  • Proper way to lubricate contacts:? USE GEL ON CONTACTS!Before putting in, fill lens to the top with lube.? After putting in, put 2 extra drops in eye.??
  • I think my body is making more testostorone because I have a reglar sleeping schedule.? Can explain:? Sudden intrest in women, reduced body weight, increase in visual muscle, ability to get angry

What happened today that was unexpected?

  • ?Ellick got mono?
  • Bumped into Mr Hall/David/Cindy


  • Made lasanga!? Made our own sauce!
  • Finished 244 prelab, 290 stuff and 2 sections of calc
  • Got contacts, remembered how to get to Dr. Chows without directions


  • Still have 4 sections of calc left!? Only 4 days till midterm!
  • Aeropostale didn’t have any of my size left :
  • Slept into 11 today.? Haha, that actually counts as sleeping in now

Future Goals?

  • Make bread
  • Finish calc
  • Join a baking/cooking club at UofT
  • Join ANY club!!!? Badminton/cooking/yoga ?


What did I learn today?

  • Ask the TA specfically what they want in labs
  • Microscopes are a lot harder to focus than you think

What happened today that was unexpected?

  • ?Went to Anths house after badminton
  • Studied with friends instead of alone in gerstien
  • Forgot to add some stuff in my lab, so had to write a little more after class


  • Studied?
  • Did some thermo questions and 219?


  • Nothing really… was tired in the morning?? Ate stuff after dinner?

Future Goals?

  • Meet more people!

Class was… canceled?

What did I learn today?

  • When the teacher says that class is canceled… REMEMBER TO WRITE IT DOWN!
  • Lab reports should always be printed single side?
  • Eye level with the net makes pingpong more fun
  • The red truck near robarts makes ????? fast and good
  • If you really want to study, you should do it yourself

What happened today that was unexpected?

  • ?I forgot that my class was canceled, therefore I ended up 1h early


  • Woke up and studied.? Found that stupid error in the lab report.? Don’t forget to differentiate between the amount of substance in the solution and the amount of subtance that you take as your sample from the solution.


  • Didn’t get as much work done as I wanted?? I can probably fit in some calculus before I go to sleep
  • Still no response

Future Goals?

  • Get better at pingpong?
  • Pick what I want to wear before going to sleep?

Power naps?

What did I learn today?

  • ALWAYS get your lab report read over!
  • Dress shoes may look nice, but only with the right pants
  • Fred Perry polos may cost up to 200$?
  • I need to do thermo…
  • Pay more attention to MSE290!
  • When tired, take a power nap

What happened today that was unexpected?

  • ?I forgot to hand in a MSE290 assignment.? Can hand in next week with no penalty
  • Apparently I have an error somewhere in my 244 lab calculations


  • Finished calc
  • Talked to calc prof after class.? Should have gotten a participation mark


  • Didn’t get as much work as I wanted to…
  • That is pretty unresponsive.? Although I am using an ignore-ask-later strategy

Future Goals?

  • Don’t turn on computer as soon as you get home, either take a nap or open a book first.

Getting new lenses

What did I learn today?

  • I can work harder than I thought I could
  • How to actually spell ortho K
  • HK people REALLY don’t trust mainlanders

What happened today that was unexpected?

  • ?Probably should give up on that…
  • Got called in for a focus group


  • Finished 244 lab and most of the 219 lab
  • Finished some calc


  • That isn’t really responsive
  • Spent like an hour extra at Dr. Chow’s

Future Goals?

  • 12 is the time to sleep.? Not 12:30.? 12!