Dec 20, the Secret Santa Potluck

So for the day of the par-tay…

The day started with a gym run.? Actually it started with me rushing to the UofT bookstore to get Krissy her giftcard. Isn’t it awesome to get something that you want?? I headed over and met Edward, who I
haven’t gymmed with in awhile.? Tried this insane 5 execise circuit
program that goes bench-squat-pullups-reverse crunch-crunch.? I
actually FORGOT that you could bench with freeweights…? I’ll add that
to my list of random gym exercises.

The orginal plan for today was to be out of the gym latest 1:30.? First thing, we started at 1:30, so I ended up getting out at about 2:45.? Since the party was supposed to start at 5pm, it gave me very VERY little time to prepare.

I rushed over to the college streetcar stop and just missed a car.? At the time I thought nothing of it, but I ended up waiting 45 minutes, then giving up and walking to the subway station.? Winter weather does wonders to hinder the public transit.? I think I’ll take subway for the rest of the break…

I ended up waiting in Riverdale library to get picked up so we could go food-shopping.? I didn’t realized that I actually had something on hold there.? I placed a hold a few days for the novel version of Gossip Girl (I know, I know… I’m such a girl), and I took out a copy of The Rape of Nanking from the history section. I also paid off my library debt.? It’s a whole 30 cents/day late.? Holy crap… it used to be 5 cents I think.

Bought stuff to eat.? Yeah.? I’ll get to that later.

Got home around 6:15.? It was a good thing that tardiness runs in my group of people, otherwise I would have been 1h15m late for my own party.? Nobody showed up for another 30 minutes, thank god.

So this is what people brought (In order of impact.? Meaning off the top of my head):

  1. Veggie Platter + Fruit – Me!
  2. Chocolate Fountain + booze – Ricky
  3. Cha Shao and Sweet/Sour Pork + booze – Anthony
  4. Chips/Forks – Bill
  5. Cheesecakes + booze + pie?- Horacio
  6. Squid/Fishball/Beefball/Shrimp/Smoked Salmon on cucumber platter – Fiona.? We definatley have to get more girls that know how to cook (like this) to come next time lol.
  7. Dumplings – Alicia
  8. Ordered Pizza + booze – Eric
  9. Meat lasanga without meat – Kevin
  10. Garlic Bread + booze + pie? – Luke
  11. Drinks – John
  12. Cake – Krissy
  13. Wings – George

I hope I’m not forgetting anything…? Next time I do this, I should really make people who need to cook things come EARLIER.? The food was staggered all over the place.? A good time to come would have been 8:30, when pretty much all the food was there.

A bunch of other people ended up stopping by.? They didn’t bring food.? THANK GOD THEY DIDNT BRING FOOD.? It was already enough.

Giving out gifts in Secret Santa can be fun.? I think I should have lay down the rules a little bit more clear.? I really liked the way they did it in MSE, so I wanted to do it the same way.? Basically you aren’t EVER supposed to know who the giver is.? When it comes time to give out gifts, an annoucer gives the gift out.? I would have dressed up in a Santa suit too, but I: don’t have one, don’t have that kinda of weight, and am not old and white.? I think I’d make a better elf.

I tried making a big bottle of whiskey sour like I did last time.? I can’t actually… taste whiskey because I’ve drank it so much so I don’t really know what people like.? I guess I have my Niagra falls car-drink though =P.

Ricky made Sex on the Beach which people liked.? Jeff turned more red than I did.? Faster too.? He can now be the designated drunk.

Overall it was a fun, albiet a tame night.? I’d prefer if I didn’t have to carry people around, and/or wash vomit off my (toilet seat/kitchen floor/bed/shoes/pants/face).

After everybody left, Ricky, Stacy and I continued to clean up and rewarded ourselfs with Irish Carbombs.? 6 Carbombs each.? Afterparties are awesome.? I apparently went on facebook after they left and wrote stuff on peoples walls.? I also apparently texted some friends at 5am on my cellphone.? I don’t really remember doing those things… I DO remember putting on Sweedney Todd before lying in bed, with the intention of watching it until I fell asleep.? What actually happened is I didn’t even make it past the opening credits.