Goodbye Detroit, See You Later Michigan Family

Moving away for a new job is not difficult.  You can logically compare salaries, benefits, stock options, Glassdoor corporate culture reviews, etc… Moving away means moving further from friends and family and may mean some goodbyes. Prior to moving to Michigan, I had a few friends already in the area.  Jeff was a local Michigander. We […]

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Goodbye Detroit, Goodbye LG

Blogging always comes naturally to me when I have big life changes.  Uprooting your life and moving across the country will definitely classify as such. I’ve spent the first two years of my post-school working life in working as a Systems Engineer for LG in Detroit.  I met a lot of interesting people, and got great experience working […]

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Power Upgrade

Who wants to drive a slow car?  Lets soop it up. To do before buying anything: Maximum voltage and current for the Ardumoto shield Based on this schematic, max voltage is 18V Recommended voltage is 7-12V, otherwise the voltage regulator could overheat Power requirements for the motors: 4.5V and 2A max Now buying the batteries: I […]

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Motor Hookup

  Once I have Bluetooth communication, it’s time to make this thing move.  I’ve set it up with an Ardumoto motor shield which can allow for a maximum of 2A of power. Motor physical specifications Using this code that I slapped together with a few tutorials, I can control the wheels via Bluetooth commands.  Now […]

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Arduino Projects: JY-MCU / HC-06

I installed the Bluetooth module on a chassis with a Arduino and a motor shield in anticipation of having a Bluetooth controlled robot.   Lately I’ve found myself with some extra time and wanting to do some Ardunio projects.  I’m working on controlling a small robot with some DC motors and perhaps putting a buzzer […]

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Recovery Blog

This year was my first time I had a real job with real health insurance.  LG has “spa care” or “Cadillac” health insurance which can put some government institutions to shame.  I decided to take advantage of it and get my shoulder and eyes fixed.  To save downtime, against the recommendation of basically everybody, I […]

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Things to do in Detroit

Whenever I go home, people always ask me what I do.  If you were a Torontonian coming to visit me, I would likely bring you to the: Eastern Market on a Saturday.  It gives people the impression that Detroit is a thriving city. Record shopping if you’re into that.  Apparently vinyls are about 1/10th of […]

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Shifting Roles inside LG

It’s been almost 6 months since I’ve joined LG.  My roles have shifting around quite a bit.  Having such a wide variety of experiences has given me an edge.  I feel “useful” in the company. I started off in Thermal engineering because I’ve gained some experience designing thermal systems when i was working at Magna […]

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Achalasia Update: 2 years

Hi everyone who has suffered from esophageal Achalasia or knows somebody who is suffering.  I’ve been getting a few emails about my recovery and wanted to share the experience with you. I had my heller myotomy surgery two years ago.  It all seems like a bad dream.  I no longer have any problems eating.  I […]

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I (re)built a lamp!

  So I moved here with a semi broken lamp that I really liked.  The wiring looked like it was from the 80s.  I wasn’t sure what to do with it until I found this kit. Got it for $12 at Home Hardware. I’ve gotten better at doing this stuff since I started working with […]

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November 13, 2014

One problem about living in Michigan is that you have to drive everywhere.  Keeping your car maintained is really important  I was having problems with lighting so I went out and bought a headlight buffing kit from 3M.  It took about 3 lunch periods and 6 cordless drill recharges, but here’s the result!

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Moving from TDot to the Dirty D

As a signing bonus, I negotiated a $1000 moving allowance to move from Toronto to Detroit.  I ended up renting a giant 14 foot Budget truck and driving it from Detroit to Toronto. I got a business rate, so the rental + 1000km of driving was less than $500.  I thought crossing the border would […]

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Having A Social Security Number Makes Me Feel A Lot More Secure

My social security number came in the mail this weekend.  This is a huge relief to me, because now I can: Get paid (!!!) Apply for a credit card Receive health insurance Receive dental insurance Apply for accidental insurance Apply for disability insurance Apply for loans I’m not quite celebrating just yet, because LG operates […]

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Detroit and Windsor

As most of you may know, Detroit and Windsor are boarder towns.   Detroit has a reputation of crime and blight.  Windsor has the reputation of being a small Canadian city focused on the auto industry. Literally 5 minutes from the boarder is the Eastern Market.  I went there on a Saturday morning, and it […]

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How to emigrate to the US. PART 2: Things that don’t require an SSN: Banks, renting, and utilities

This is a continuation of HOW TO EMIGRATE TO THE US (FROM CANADA WITH AN ENGINEERING DEGREE).  This post will assume you have already obtained your TN visa.  I’ll talk about the challenges obtained with settling in.  Getting an SSN takes 2-4 weeks; 4 weeks if you have a name so long that it won’t […]

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Detroit: Downtown; Eastern Market

In my previous post, I mentioned I have 3 friends in the state.  I met Fiona in highschool, and now she is attending dentistry school in Detroit.  We walked from her place just across the street to Eastern Market. Eastern Market is in downtown Detroit, where people tell me I should not go.  The locals I have […]

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Exploring Michigan: Ann Arbour

I have 3 friends in the entire state.  One is Kenneth.  We both did a Materials Science Engineering undergraduate degree together at University of Toronto.  He decided to continue MSE to a PhD at UMichigan, Ann Arbor.  I decided to switch to Systems Engineering. It’s about a 40-60 minute drive from where I am to […]

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Goodbye Waterloo, I’ll always remember you.

I’ve moved quite a few times in my life.  At 18, I moved from Toronto to Beijing, without knowing anybody there or the language.  When I moved back to Toronto, it felt like everybody stayed the same; I was the one who changed. In Beijing I was forced to make friends.  The timezone and the physical […]

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