Things to do in Detroit

Whenever I go home, people always ask me what I do.  If you were a Torontonian coming to visit me, I would likely bring you to the:

  • Eastern Market on a Saturday.  It gives people the impression that Detroit is a thriving city.
  • Record shopping if you’re into that.  Apparently vinyls are about 1/10th of what they cost in Toronto.  Lots of old school funk and soul from the Motown era.
  • Slows BBQ for some tasty, tasty North Carolina BBQ.
  • Detroit Institute of the Arts (DIA).  I get in for free because I have a Oakland county address 🙂
  • A Pistons basketball game because tickets are only $15.  If you’re home team is playing
  • Out for Mexican food.  Toronto doesn’t have good Mexican food
  • The Arab food scene here is equally as amazing
  • Outlet shopping is always better in the US.  Just make sure you stay for a bit otherwise you’ll get hit with taxes crossing the border.
  • Fancy shopping is equally as impressive.
  • Out for some great craft beer.  Michigan has an amazing craft beer scene.
  • Down to the Riverwalk so we can point to Windsor.  Can also walk into the RenCen to check out the new cars.
  • Checking out the city from the People Mover (mugger mover, as they call it here) is Disneyland like experience.
  • There’s a decent salsa scene (with real Latin people!) here.  We could go dancing.
  • If it’s in the fall, we could go to a cider mill and get cider and doughnuts.  It’s kind of a thing here.
  • Drive along 8-mile and count how many strip clubs we see.
  • Drive along Telegraph / Woodward and count how many burned down buildings we see.
  • Downtown Royal Oak, Downtown Ferndale, Downtown Rochester Hills have nice walkable areas which are a departure from the constant driving here.  It’s no Toronto/Detroit, but each has its charm.
  • Ann Arbor is a little far away, but college towns are always great.  Could probably just walk into a random frat party there.
  • Hiking, hunting, mountain biking and camping are on my list of things to do.

And much more to come!