Moving from TDot to the Dirty D

As a signing bonus, I negotiated a $1000 moving allowance to move from Toronto to Detroit.  I ended up renting a giant 14 foot Budget truck and driving it from Detroit to Toronto.

2014-10-26 14.14.33
My entire life loaded up into blue plastic bins.

I got a business rate, so the rental + 1000km of driving was less than $500.  I thought crossing the border would take a long time, but it only took 10 minutes total because I had an itemized list of things.  In case you are curious, here is the list.


Moving list
Loose items:
Computer desk (glass)
Wooden dining table
Badminton Racquets x4 w/ bag and shoes
Computer monitor
Floor lamps x2

In Boxes

Unmarked Plastic Bin (clear)
-Swim suit
-Toilet paper
-U lock
-Hair products (gel, hair spray)

-Electronic body mass scale
-Small electric fan
-Floor rug x2
-Teddy bear
-Alarm Clock
-Lamp shades

Bags Shoes
-2 side bags
-3xpairs of shoes

Socks Underwear Clothing
~15 pairs socks
~15 pairs underwear

Kitchen, cups & spices
-10 cups
-Box of spices

Office Supplies
-Pens, markers, glue, paperclips,

Shirts Vests with Hangers
-Dress shirts ~10
-Shorts, pants

Computer speakers
-5.1 computer speakers (5 speakers + 1 subwoofer)
-3x headphones
-wireless router
-ethernet cables
-power bar

Humidifier, Ice Skates