Winter Blog

I’m writing this for the winter break just so I can keep track of where all my time went.
Today was the first day in awhile that I woke up and thought to myself “What should I do today?”.? There is no longer any material to catch up to, no test lingering over my head, no last minute cramming.? I got up and … didn’t need to do anything.? I didn’t even need to get up.? It’s such a quick mentality change in such a short period of time.? Yesterday was the last exam, today is the start of the winter break.

I lied.? I did know what I had to do today.? I needed to buy a gift for the secret santa tomorrow, and I wanted to prepare to go out tonight with some university friends.? Unfortunately when I woke up today, I looked out the window and witnessed the snowstorm that would ruin those plans.? Nonetheless, I set out for my outing that I hope will become the structure that will keep me sane during this taskless winter break.

The streetcar today was predictably slow.? I got some good reading done, I’ll probably finish MICROSERFS in a few more of those sessions.

I usually call people when I’m on the streetcar.? It helps me pass the time, stay awake and socialize.? I realized this term that talking on the phone is definately one of the better ways to maintain relationships.? Strangely I have become a little bored of it, and reading has a higher priority.? I’m continuing to read Microserfs, but I don’t have another book lined up.? Maybe I could try reading the lord of the rings set again.? It’s hard to picture in a book after you have seen the movie though.

I wanted to get John a undead warlock WOW action figure for a secret santa gift, but they were out!? I had to settle for a troll shaman, which looks pretty badass.

Hit the gym.? Yeahhhh.? Gymming is fun.

Got a haircut after that.? I like it this time.? Always remember them to cut the sides short, leave the top the same length, but thin it out a little.? Yeah.? Long bangs with long spikes, the possibilities are endless!

“You are looking well, Margret”

“You are welcome to look, your highness”? < man I love medieval pickup lines.? I'm watching Ever After rigth now, the prince wears a codpiece hahhaha.? But he fights Artemis style!? Longsword and dagger! ?Watched Hancock.? Thought it was okay.? I wish it was longer, there was no backstory! So instead of clubbing it up tonight I decided to get enough manpower to roll a giant snowball.? Unforunately, the 2 ft of snow that came down today was all packing snow.? The end result was five 21 year old men playing in the snow in Jimmie Simpson playground.? Ryan said that I never grew up.? Ended up ordering pizza at my house. Productive day I say.? Didn't sit around playing games.? Excercised, got out of the house, tried to do something creative (and failed), read, and played some music.? This is how life should be.