Lunch = study, break = study, after class = study

What did I learn today?

  • You can get a lot of studying done if you don’t waste time

What happened today that was unexpected?

  • ?I didn’t think I could actually do it, but I finished all of calc
  • Bumped into Julia at Gerstien?
  • Didn’t know there were new 219 and 244 notes


  • Studied!
  • Reitiated contact


  • I should learn how to fold new things

Future Goals?

  • Study like I did today at least 2x a week… I can probably do double to triple the amount of work in 1 day and get another weekend off…
  • Join snowboarding club?
  • Hmmm scheduling will probably go like this…
  • Thursday after exam go directly to do the lab.? Maybe even get some SOC reading in.
  • Friday after class, FCUK sale.? Badminton after?? More SOC reading in.
  • Saturday morning badminton.? MUST STUDY BEFORE DINNER.? Finish 244 lab.
  • Sunday.? Wake up early, study. I think canceling Dr.Chow’s appointment might be a good idea…Study SOC and 244
  • Monday.? Wake up early.? Study SOC/244 + Thermo.? Arg… no time to study calc or 219..