Lasanga and Sunday

  • Chili peppers taste good in tomato sauce, so does dill
  • Use crushed tomatoes in sauce if you want a thicker sauce
  • Food processor >>>>>>>> cheese grater
  • Assholes don’t like to clean plates
  • Always plan for a nap on Saturady after lunch… I’m gonna have it either way.
  • Bait: Mention that you are unsure if you want to continue classes
  • Proper way to lubricate contacts:? USE GEL ON CONTACTS!Before putting in, fill lens to the top with lube.? After putting in, put 2 extra drops in eye.??
  • I think my body is making more testostorone because I have a reglar sleeping schedule.? Can explain:? Sudden intrest in women, reduced body weight, increase in visual muscle, ability to get angry

What happened today that was unexpected?

  • ?Ellick got mono?
  • Bumped into Mr Hall/David/Cindy


  • Made lasanga!? Made our own sauce!
  • Finished 244 prelab, 290 stuff and 2 sections of calc
  • Got contacts, remembered how to get to Dr. Chows without directions


  • Still have 4 sections of calc left!? Only 4 days till midterm!
  • Aeropostale didn’t have any of my size left :
  • Slept into 11 today.? Haha, that actually counts as sleeping in now

Future Goals?

  • Make bread
  • Finish calc
  • Join a baking/cooking club at UofT
  • Join ANY club!!!? Badminton/cooking/yoga ?