Just felt like writing today…

What did I learn today?

  • Not much.? Figured out some new routes which will probably keep me from getting lost for another while…

What happened today that was unexpected?

  • ?Same old…


  • I’m a fieldmarshal!
  • Did well in Thermo and SOC


  • I really only got about 2 hours of homework done this entire weekend… boo
  • WTF.? The retard SOC professor didn’t upload new slides.? He didn’t even upload last weeks slides. Arts.? HA.

Future Goals?

  • Get a costume.? I think I’m actually going to go as a black guy.? I hope the face paint doesnt rub off too easily
  • Probably gonna need a pair of 34-34 jeans or something… I’ll wear my nike basketball shoes and get a giant white tee.? Gotta find some mad ghetto bling and a afro wig too.
  • SOC tomorrow, hopefully going to do 1 section in calc/day.? Sounds resonable…