Dec 24, Snowboarding in the rain

December 24th.? Ba’s birthday.? We usually try going to blue mountain
this day every year, but sometimes it gets canceled due to lack of
snow.? This is the first time it rained though.? Boarding on the slopes
in rain really isn’t as bad as it seems though.? You just need to wear
something waterproof.? The Ecko jacket I wore today wasn’t, so when I
took off my jacket at the end of the day my sweater was soaked.? Also
everything in my pockets (inside pockets) were damp as well.? My phone
takes tons and tons of punishment.? It might be time to get a new one.

?Remember when snowboarding:? overbalance, turn small, and “HOY, SAUUUUUU”

I’m watching speed racer… is it just me or is there major sexual tension between Takeo and his sister?