Power naps?

What did I learn today?

  • ALWAYS get your lab report read over!
  • Dress shoes may look nice, but only with the right pants
  • Fred Perry polos may cost up to 200$?
  • I need to do thermo…
  • Pay more attention to MSE290!
  • When tired, take a power nap

What happened today that was unexpected?

  • ?I forgot to hand in a MSE290 assignment.? Can hand in next week with no penalty
  • Apparently I have an error somewhere in my 244 lab calculations


  • Finished calc
  • Talked to calc prof after class.? Should have gotten a participation mark


  • Didn’t get as much work as I wanted to…
  • That is pretty unresponsive.? Although I am using an ignore-ask-later strategy

Future Goals?

  • Don’t turn on computer as soon as you get home, either take a nap or open a book first.