Looking back

The great things about blogs is that they can be a window to the past.  Just some excerpts from my previous blog posts (from 3 years ago) taken hilariously out of context:

From “WTB>Girlfriend”:

I want a girl who…:

-enjoy sex

-enjoy make up sex

-enjoy “I feel like doing it just because” sex

-enjoy “FUCK, I’m stressed but let’s do it anyway” sex

-enjoy forgiveness sex

-enjoy sex


-knows that going to gym once will not make you bulk up like Arnold

From “Monday after long weekend sucks.”:

Future goals:

Get a plastic sword for costume… face paint some scars?? I want a giant scar across my chest.? I might be wearing less than some girls on halloween.? Might be chilly…

I seem to have been doing the:

What did I learn today?

What happened today that was unexpected?



Future Goals?

format quite often.  Although kind of bland, I actually kept it up.  Maybe I’ll do that again.