First Inorganic Chemistry Lab!

What did I learn today?

  • You must titrate VERY lowly
  • Labs are a lot of cleaning up
  • The ramen at the Japanese place on Baldwin is OK.
  • Dressing is about proportion… a lot of it is about proportion

What happened today that was unexpected?

  • ?Went to eat dinner at the Jap place on Baldwin


  • Gave Issac back his book and card
  • Finished calc homework
  • Made an anoucement during class,with a confidience
  • Finished lab 1h early
  • Got cash


  • Fell asleep during SOC101 and MSE219
  • Didn’t get as much work done during lunch/after physchem
  • Didn’t get around to doing physchem
  • Phone ran out of batteries

Future Goals?

  • Sleep earlier!
  • Do laundry!