Farewell to the MoRG

Last week Wednesday, I completed the final step of my Masters’ degree:  uploading it to UW-space.  The next day, I had a job offer.  Finally uploading the thesis was a relief, but it wasn’t the same “BAM.  GRADUATED.” feeling as it was in undergrad.  The masters’ acceptance process took about a month.  I had more of a graduating feeling when I received the ceremonial mug during the fall MoRG (Motion Research Group) party.

Left: My supervisor (John McPhee); Middle; Xinxin Zhao (Chinese exchange student); Right: Me!

After writing papers for so long, I have the urge reference the picture:  “Shown in Figure 1:  Receiving the ceremonial U.Waterloo Mug upon graduation”.

MoRG Farewell at Grad House. From left to right: Mohit, Amir, Chris (covered), Andrew, Brock, Me, Mahyreh, Naser, Dan, Yiteng, Tony, Borna, John, Peter, Ramin

Another tradition we have in our research group is to meet up at Grad house for a beer.  This time we were celebrating Amir and Nasers’ successful PhD defence, and me leaving the group.

I’m happy I joined this research group.  When you think back about a place, you don’t remember the work you’ve done.  You remember the people.

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